Recipes for gorgeous hair
09 Oct 2018

Recipes for gorgeous hair

Ginger and hair.


Today about one effective means for hair growth! About ginger.

At that time, apart from sesame, I ate a lot of pickled ginger, I think many like it. Ginger contains many useful substances for general health and of course for the health of hair, and it also contains a hormone of happiness and essential oils.

Everything that contains ginger contributes to the stimulation of hair growth, fights with loss and makes them stronger. A mask for the hair will cope with irritated and oily scalp, dandruff, with dry hair, and damaged hair – ginger is a force.

The only thing with ginger needs to be carefully, if there are stomach problems or if there are allergic reactions. And also, if it is wrong to prepare a mask for hair, you can get a completely different effect, for example, like to help dry hair, and dried them even more.

Knew this about ginger?


And now a super mask for hair growth, root strengthening and to reduce loss.


Prepare it very simply – you need to take the rooof ginger, grate it on a fine grater, squeeze the juice, add the butter (almond, jojoba, sesame, burdock, olive) into the juice.

Then carefully rub into the scalp (dirty), do massage with your hands or brush, put on a hat or towel, keep for 30 minutes and rinse. More than 30 minutes is best not to keep, as the juice wither and can damage the hair.

Doing this mask 2-3 times a week before washing your head, you do a lot for the health of your hair.

I know that every time you will be too lazy to rub this ginger, so you can prepare this mask for 1 month and store it in the refrigerator in the glass (no more than a month).

💃It’s Last

if you are allergic to ginger, then do not make such masks

if you have dry hair, then apply only with oil

if there are wounds on the head, it will pinch


The main thing is the regularity (prepare juice for a month)!



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