These are the prices for a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic, wedding photography, other event or filming in the other country.

The cost of photographing of actions from $300. Please, contact me to clarify the prices.


Macao beach – 230$

Golden sand, cliffs, fishing boats, tall palm trees and beautiful waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


Private beach – 320$

This white-sand beach is located in a very beautiful area – in the palm grove. Over there, there is a pier, fishing boat and swing.


Cap Cana – 350$

Huaniyo Beach, white sand, beautiful turquoise water.

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On the mountain Montana Redonda – 200$

Mountain with stunning views of the hills and the bay. And, the most curious thing is the swing, which is floating through the air. It would be a nice addition to the beach photo shoot.


At the hotel – from 250$

We can make shooting in your hotel as well as in the other one, spending the day over there. In this case you will have to pay extra charge for the day visit (day pass) – $ 65 (the cost depends on the hotel). Stylist is not included in the price.

Interesting walks and photo-traveling

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Saona island – 590$

Number One Place to make a photosession and spend an exciting day. Bright turquoise waters, white sand, dinner, 2 different beaches, starfish and mangroves. Before the island of Saona, we can also stop by the city of Altos de Chavon for a photo shoot + $ 200.


Altos de Chavon – $ 590

Photo session takes place in the afternoon/evening (at sunset and with the streetlights).


Casa de Campo – 700$

The City of Millionaires, photographing at the beach, in the yacht harbor, in the town of Altos de Chavon, shooting at sunset.


Trokadero – 700$

Beautiful enclosed area, Italian architecture, islets, gardens, swing, rocks, bright waters of the Caribbean Sea. Shooting on the beach and at sunset is already included.


Wild side of the Dominican Republic – 700$

Macao Beach, waterfall, mountain Redonda.


Wild side of the Dominican Republic II – 750$

Macao Beach, Boca de Yuma (rocks, beach, boating on the river and over the sea back the beach).


Foto-traveling (from 900$)

From 2 to 7 days – Santo Domingo, Samana, Puerto Plata, Punta Rusia, Jarabacoa and many other interesting and unusual places.

Additional services for a photo shoot:

Renting of dresses and tunics, bouquet, cars (retro or sports car), yacht, helicopter, video filming, decorations, wedding arch, personal photosite, a box of memories (name flash drive, printed photos), photo book.


I give you a slide show or 3 additional magazine retouched photos as a gift, if you permit the publications of your photos in my portfolio.

If you came on the recommendation of someone, inform me and get 5% discount.

Moreover, sometimes I make special offers, thematic projects and raffles of free photo shoots, ask me to be informed.

FAQ(frequently asked questions):

What is included in the price of photo shooting?

– Makeup and hairstyle, transfer service to the required location and back, permission to take pictures and rent of this location, color correction and magazine retouching, potable water.

How long does the photo session take and how many images will I get?

-Session Photo Express takes 2-2.5 hours, you will get up to 200 photos processed and 30 in retouching *. Photo-trips – take 4-6 hours, there will be up to 400 photos processed and 50 in retouching. Photo-traveling for many days – we are traveling and tooking pictures everywhere, there are no time limits, you will get up to 200 pictures processed per day and from 20 retouched.

* Retouching is a magazine processing, deeper and more detailed, skin and body correction, removing dirt from the frame.

When will the photos be ready and how to pick them up?

⁃ You will be able to pick up your photos on 4-10 day after the shooting, it depends on the wedding day / days. Via mail I will send you the link to download your photos. I don´t compress photographs, so the quality of your images will not be affected.

How to reserve the photo shoot and will we have any additional charges?

⁃ To reserve the date you need to make a prepayment in advance. After that, I sign you up for the day, reserve required location and additional services for you.Prepayment shows seriousness of your decision, and together we will prepare everything for the photo shoot: outfits, conception and other details.

If you prefer to reserve it upon arrival, it is also possible, but I can’t guarantee you my confirmation/ Moreover, some locations can be ocupated, so it’s better to do in advance.

Our the prices are final, you won’t have any additional charges.

What kind of clothes should I bring with me and how many dresses can I change during the session?

– You can bring with you 2-3 dresses and swimsuit, which is the most important. If we didn’t talked about the clothes in advance, try to bring as much as you can, and we will choose it right there. Too much is always better than not enough. Don’t forget to take a hats, sunglasses, bags, bracelets, necklaces.

What is the weather in the Dominican Republic, and what if it is bad?

⁃ I always postpone the shooting in sunny days, tracking the weather in advance. So better reserve a photo session on the 3-4 day of arrival, to have some extra time.

Learn more about the weather in the Dominican Republic in my article: The weather in the Dominican Republic.

Do you select the photos for retouching by yourself?

– Yes, I do.

Can I refuse the services of stylist?

⁃ You can, but it is undesirable. Learn more about it here: Hair and make-up. If you decided to refuse it, the price will be reduced to $ 80.

Is it possible not to publish my photos?

⁃ Tell me in advance about privacy. Otherwise, I can get excited and publish them all quickly. You will not have to pay anything for it.