Banana mask for hair and face.

Banana mask for hair and face.
22 Oct 2018

Banana mask for hair and face.

A hair mask, but not to lose time and face.⠀
Hair: for dry, damaged, brittle hair and for those who want shine.⠀
For the face: from acne, dry skin, wrinkles and for the skin around the eyes and just for beautiful skin.⠀

️I washed, wiped my face with lime (lemon) and began to prepare a mask for hair:⠀

2 bananas⠀
– a spoonful of honey⠀
– a spoonful of olive oil (you can and more).⠀

🍌Here the main secret is to make a banana puree in a blender and make it to your life (I added a little bit of water), so that later it was easier to wash this mask off my hair.⠀
🌺Then I went to wash my lemon off my face and put a mask on my face and hair, wrapped my head in a towel and held it for 1-1,5 hours.⠀
And then to wash your hair as usual, but it is better not to wet your hair first, but apply a shampoo, so the mask will be easier to wash.⠀

🙋For the lazy: you can freeze the banana puree in the ice form, for example. And when you need to – throw in the blender, add not a lot of water, honey and butter and everything is ready!⠀


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